Hara Healing: Connecting To The Universe Within You

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We have been talking a lot about Hara Healing in our community, but what is Hara Healing Healing?

In Japanese, Hara means Core Centre or Life Force.

Within the Hara lies your Dan Tien, an important energy point for healing.
The Hara holds your Power, your Motivation, your Will and the Intention to succeed or achieve success. It is also your Spiritual Centre that focuses your mind on growth and discipline.

Connecting to your Hara means you are connecting to the vast Universe or God. It gives you the discipline and clarity to tap into the Infinite Power or Eternal God.

A well developed Hara also brings more wealth, business opportunities and success, so having a good Hara is beneficial for your career and business.

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In This Free Training, You Will Learn:
  • Power of Dan Tien & the Hara: how to accelerate your healing
  • ​What can the Hara do for you?
  • ​Why building your Hara / Core Centre is one of your most important task in life
  • ​Hara Healing for physical and emotional health
  • ​Hara Healing for mental health and forgiveness healing
  • ​Hara Healing for broken relationships and conflict
  • ​How to attract wealth and abundance with your Hara
  • ​How you can have a strong Hara
  • ​Spiritual growth and Enlightenment
  • ​Financial healing and attracting business opportunities
  • ​How to serve God with discipline, faith and strong will
About Your Trainer
Nicole Ling
Nicole Ling
  • Owns & Runs two Six-Figure Businesses
  • ​Former Psychology Lecturer In Universities
  • ​Corporate Trainer For Many Major Corporations
  • ​Trainer & Speaker With Over 20 Years Of Experience
  • ​Recipient of the Global Women's Leadership Award (2013)
  • ​Registered Counselling Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor
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