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Healing Pod Options
Limited Time Offer:
68 USD
GET 28% OFF When You Get The Yearly Plan.
Billed Monthly, Cancel Anytime
  • Usual: 68 USD
Billed Yearly, Cancel Anytime
  • Usual: 368 USD
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Try out the one and only Healing Pod for just $1 for 7 days. If you are not happy, just email us before the trial ends, and cancel the subscription before the next billing.
Healing Pod For Healing & Blessing
The Healing Pod is a revolutionary online portal created to help busy people manifest Miracles in their lives. The Healing Pod is developed by Nicole Ling, who has been doing Miracle Work for 25 years.
Healing Pod helps You To Create Miracles in 5 areas
  • Health: Supporting The Body, Mind & Spirit To Heal
  • Career: Opening Doors & Opportunities
  • Love & Relationship: Harmonizing Partnerships & Family Ties
  • Finances: Creating Wealth & Abundance
  • ​Service: Empowering Yourself To Help Others In Need
Purposes of Healing Pod
  • To send in a specific request for Miracles and Healing: that is, getting what you want
  • To connect to the Highest Consciousness, which is the Holy Divine to manifest Miracles
  • To receive powerful Pure Energy and Vibrations for healing, repair, and recovery
  • To change or transform a problematic situation – that is, turning an impossible situation to something possible
  • To experience Divine Sleep: that is joyful, deeply restful, spiritually peaceful, and physically rejuvenating.
Divine Sleep plays an integral part in Miracle Manifestation because it is through the deep rest that our bodies and minds start to heal, repair, and rejuvenate. 
Introducing The 20 Healing Pods
  • Miracle Request
  • ​Joy
  • ​Deep Sleep
  • ​Protection
  • ​Self-Love
  • ​Forgiveness
  • ​Confidence
  • ​Wealth & Finance
  • ​​​Family Blessing
  • ​​Child Care
  • ​​​Animal Healing
  • ​Cleanse My Space
  • ​Workplace
  • ​Safe Space
  • ​Travel
  • ​Nourish My Garden
  • Beauty & Skin Care
  • ​Healthy Cells
  • ​Bless My Event
  • ​Bless My Water
What People Say About Healing Pod
"Healing Pod is a fantastic healing tool. Thank you Holy Spirit and Nicole for this amazing gift to us."

- Nooraini M.
"Hi All, I just like to share & thanks Ms Nicole & Holy Spirit. After using healing pod I got a pay increment even during this hard time. Really thankful & appreciate 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻"

- Trina Lim
"Using the Healing Pod especially during times when I feel stressed out or unsettled helps me a lot to feel grounded and calm again. The Healing Pod is able to bring me to a stable peaceful state and recharges my mind."

- Jingwen Goh
"The healing pods are just wonderful. I had... sleeping.... A while after, I decided to use the sleeping pod and managed to get about 3 hours of sleep thereafter.

Thanks very much, Nicole for Healing Pod and God for showering his blessings on me. Looking forward to receiving more miracles and nights blessed with divine sleep!"

- Ayesha Nachiar
"Yesterday I used the healing pod. I have the best sleep after so many years and I woke up energetic. Thank you Nicole Ling for all your hard work and thank God for His Grace and Loving Kindness."

- Roy Chew
"I was in a hotel, and felt some "wandering things", used the Healing Pod to cleanse my hotel room. After a while, I could fee less disturbance. Went ahead to sleep. Next feeling awesome. Thank you Holy Spirit for the protection!"

- Chen Lin
"The Healing Pod is so AMAZING!!! 👏👏👏"

- Kriz Tan
"I slept so well, I didn’t even hear my hubby snore and I realized my hubby was in a deep sleep this morning too. The energy must have affected him too.

I’ve been blessed to with growing sales. In fact during yesterday’s session with Nicole, I confirmed a sale too. I’m so grateful to the Holy Divine Spirit 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻"

- May Ang
"I listened to the Healing Pod on Wealth & Finance yesterday. I received RM2,000 from my brother. I prepared his tax return in April and he was able to get his refund on overtax payment. The amount was helpful for me to purchase my medication today. This is a wonderful miracle.

Thank you God. Thank you Nicole and the Holy Spirit for creating the Healing Pod. God Bless"

- Rajeswari Kanagaratnam
Healing Pod Options
Limited Time Offer:
68 USD
GET 28% OFF When You Get The Yearly Plan.
Billed Monthly, Cancel Anytime
  • Usual: 68 USD
Billed Yearly, Cancel Anytime
  • Usual: 368 USD
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