Discover How To Receive Miracles Fast... Guaranteed!
Miracle Healers Academy
Monthly - 100 USD
Biyearly - 550 USD (Save 9%)
Yearly - 800 USD (Save 33%)
*you can cancel anytime
What Is The Miracle Healers Academy?
Miracle Healers Academy is the No.1 platform for people to learn all about Miracles and receive Miracles Healing from Holy Spirit.
  • Learn How To Receive Miracles - everything you need to know about Miracles, you will learn it so that you can get your miracles FAST!
  • Receive Miracle Healing From Holy Spirit - Gain full access to Holy Spirit, and receive Miracle healing from him two times a day, everyday
  • Connect, Learn, Support From Other Members - You don't have to do this alone. Connect with other like-minded members and learn together as a community
  • Financial Blessings - Work with Holy Spirit, help others, and make additional income at the same time
Price For Miracle Healers Academy
Monthly - 100 USD
Biyearly - 550 USD (Save 9%)
Yearly - 800 USD (Save 33%)
*you can cancel anytime
About Nicole Ling
Nicole Ling
Miracle Coach &
Spiritual Healer
  • Nicole is our Master Healer who has been doing Miracle Healing Work for Holy Spirit for 30 years plus
  • A trained and certified Counselling Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor
  • Was a Psychology Lecturer who taught Psychology Modules to University students
  • Winner of Global Women’s Leadership Award in 2011
Amazing Miracles
Nicole was able to walk again after suffering from a serious spine injury. She was able to heal from Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease that is difficult to treat.
Aini was healed from Stage-Three Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
Ai Hong’s husband was able to recover quickly from his stroke.
Lyn’s mother was down with Covid19 and many existing health conditions. She was able to recovered quickly despite doctors saying it would take months.
Patimal was able to heal and recover from her Rectal Cancer without surgery.
Karen healed her relationship with her son. Her son also turned over a new leaf, and stop his rebellious lifestyle.
Coral’s kid was healed from Autism, joined a normal school, and managed to top the class.
Dolly Tan got a cyst in her kidney. With 3 months of healing, her cyst was gone without surgery.
These are just some of the many amazing Miracles our students have received from Holy Spirit. Will you be the next to receive unlimited miracles as well?
Frequently Asked Questions
What Is The Price of Miracle Healers Academy?
The program is $49 per month (USD), and you can cancel anytime.
How Often Is The Miracle Healing From Nicole & Holy Spirit?
The healing is conducted twice a day everyday. 9AM and 9PM your location time, once in the morning, once at night.
Do You have Money Back Guarantee?
No, we do not have money back guarantee. You can try it for 1 month, if you like it, just cancel before the next month's rebill.
Miracle Healers Academy
Monthly - 100 USD
Biyearly - 550 USD (Save 9%)
Yearly - 800 USD (Save 33%)
*you can cancel anytime
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