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Miracle Healing Workshop
Usual Price: 27 USD
Today: 5 USD
You get instant access to the workshop content online right away after you sign up. No need to wait, this is not a live event.
Anyone can create miracles and turn their life around. There is hope. All is not lost.
What You Will Learn
  • The Source of Miracles
  • ​How To Start Creating Miracles
  • ​What Is Miracle Healing?​
  • ​The Five Principals Of Miracle Healing
  • ​Miracle Healing For Your Finance
  • ​​Miracle Healing For Your Health
  • ​​Miracle Healing For Your Relationships
  • Pitfalls of People Who Don't Get Miracles
Miracle Healing Is NOT
  • Yoga​
  • ​Reiki
  • ​Qi Gong
  • ​Chakra Healing
  • ​Law of Attraction
  • Hypnotherapy
Who Should Attend This?
  • ​People who are into Energy Work
  • ​​People with have health challenges
  • ​​People who have money problems
  • ​​People who have broken relationships
  • People who are healers of other disciplines
  • ​People who suffering from emotional traumas
  • ​​People who are lost and don't know what to do
Miracle Healing Workshop
Usual Price: 27 USD
Today: 5 USD
You get instant access to the workshop content online right away after you sign up. No need to wait, this is not a live event.
About Your Miracle Coach
Nicole Ling
Nicole Ling
  • Top Healer & Miracle Coach In Asia
  • ​Former Psychology Lecturer
  • ​​Owns & Runs two Six-Figure Businesses
  • ​Corporate Trainer For Many Major Corporations
  • ​Trainer & Speaker With Over 20 Years Of Experience
  • Recipient of the Global Women's Leadership Award (2013)
  • ​Registered Counselling Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor
Companies Nicole Has Worked With
Amex, Dell, Apple, General Electric, Singtel, Schneider, Boeing, Marina Bay Sands, and many more.

Amazing Miracles From Students

"My Grandparents' health have improved dramatically"

Both my grandparents have been feeling stressed from their medical treatment and had not been able to sleep.

After their miracle sessions, both of them slept peacefully and felt less anxious. Great gratitude for the Miracle Healing. It has helped them in many ways.

- Bhumika S.
"I got back my financial health and manifested my dreams"

I am forever grateful to Nicole. I came to Nicole when I was suffering from depression and financial loss 12 years ago.

I felt so much more hopeful and uplifted I was able to get back onto my feet to restart my failing business. I got back my financial health and manifested my dreams of serving marginalized communities. 

Today, I own an NGO in India focusing on empowering underprivileged women and children in India. I want to manifest more Miracles to serve others who are less fortunate than me.

- Tapash S.
"A Miracle For Beast Cancer!"

During my routine check-up, my doctor told me that my liver panel blood test result was quite high, which would cause issues to my liver.
I was worried, so I engaged Nicole for a Miracle Coaching Session.

To my surprise, the second liver panel blood test results improved by 50%, to a healthier level.
Amazing! The numbers just dropped within 5 days. Wow! Thank you Nicole for your Miracle Healing.

- Nooraini N.
"Miracles Come More Than Once"

I want to share two great news. A miracle has happened to my very sick rescued cat Miel n she's finally free from UTI, crystals, and stones.
Another miracle occurred when my mum has suddenly encouraged me to continue my university degree and she even offered to help me financially.

In the past, she would tell me "girls do not need education". But now, she is telling me to go back to school as soon as possible to complete my education. This is such a miracle!

- Amy G.
"Lowest Point To Highest Point Achieved"

Great gratitude to Nicole for the Miracle Work. I contacted Nicole at the lowest point of my life. I lost a lot of money, my mental health and my relationships with my family.

After my session with Nicole, my mind was clear and I knew exactly what to do. After that, it has been miracles upon miracles, and I managed to pay off my debts during the pandemic. In fact, I made more money during the pandemic than the last 15 months before the virus came.

The biggest miracle I experienced was my husband, who left home 7 years ago, contacted me the next day after my coaching session with Nicole to apologise and ask me for forgiveness. His apology was truly healing for me. I just love Miracle work. Thanks again, Nicole.

- Veronica T.
"I feel Loved From My Hubby Again"

I had many problems with my husband for many years. However, after learning about Miracle Healing, my relationship with my husband improved a lot. We were able to trash out all the past hurt and issues from the past and move forward with life.

He even wrote me a love letter! Something I know he wouldn't have done before this. Past wounds are healed, and I can see a happier and more peaceful relationship with my husband.

- Iris K.
"Less Stress & Problems At Home" 

The home situation is now more peaceful and I no longer feel the heaviness of my past. Relationship at home is much better than before. My career has improved and I got promoted to the Head of Department within a very short time. 

Many things are flowing well effortless at work without me doing anything. Great gratitude to the Divine and Nicole for the flow of Miracles in my life.

Mei Ling A.
"Amazing Generosity From Friend"

A friend asked if he can buy my car so that I can pay off my loan. And in return, he'll trade in his car to me so that I'll still have a car without having to buy a new one.

I'm still somewhat stunned by these events because I'm not used to such generosity.

- Elizabeth A.
"Expected Better Job Opportunities" 

A miracle happened for me today. I received this email with a job opportunity. The miraculous part is that I did not apply for it, neither was there a shortlisting process.

- Aneetha S.
"Fast Track To Cancer Recovery"

Doctor that my cancer had reduced from 7cm+ to 5cm and also my brain lesion has also been reduced to less than 1cm. I felt very happy. Thank you Nicole and the Holy Spirit for this miracle. No words beyond I can find to express my gratitude.

- Rajeswari K.
"Higher Salary Miracle!" 

I got my Miracle on the third day after joining. Out of nowhere, my boss called me to revise my salary, and now it's way higher! I am so happy and grateful for this. I know more to come. Thank you Nicole!

- Aneetha S
"Multiple Miracles Just Kept Coming"

I joined two months ago, I have a exprerienced many miracles in getting stronger and overcoming my health problems. I know there are many more to come. I am sure of that. Thank you God and Nicole for all these miracles.

- Punitha  G.
"Multiple Miracles Just Kept Coming" 

I just get promoted last year Nov and I doubt there is any possibility to get a promotion in anytime soon. BUT guess what?

Today, my Manager told me that there is an increment for me effective 1st May (and the increment % is same with my promotion % last Nov, which is the highest % of increment during my 13 years of employment in the same company!

- Coral T.
"Healing My Mom's Health Issues"

Miracle had arrived to me today. I needed financial support in order to treat my mother's health issues. God has given His Blessings to me and my mother. Thanks to Nicole Ling for her guidance.

- Christer V.
"Better Relationship With My Daughter Now"

My relationship with my daughter has improved, She changed from isolating herself to willing to communicate with me. I had spent a lot of money and time sending her to the counselor but getting limited improvement, but with Nicole's guidance, the transformation is quick and it really make a big difference. I am really grateful that I am part of the Miracle Tribe.

- LM Ong
"Cancer But Feeling Well"

My dad is finishing his 4th chemo session and is doing very well. Despite two-thirds of his stomach being removed, he enjoys a very good appetite and asks to eat all sorts of things. That's a miracle! And he has the energy to enjoy playing computer games daily and singing songs with gusto!

- Mei Ling A.
"$20 Million Dollar Deal"

Nicole changed my life in a positive way. I am excited to share that I received a potential RFQ amounting SGD 20 million+ from one of my potential customers!! It has been two months I never meet my sales target and no responses from all the prospects.

- Chloe E.
"A Quick $5000 Miracle"

Sitting on my own on a Saturday night. Had been feeling a little lonely during the day which is odd as I am happy with my own company. So I got myself into a good head space in the evening and ended up getting a couple of messages and ended up making AU$5,000. Not bad for a quite Saturday night! Thank you for my blessings ❤

- Tahnesha M.
"I Thought I Lost My Husband"

We have a nerve-racking moment 2 days ago. Hubby suddenly went into low blood pressure at his ward and was sent into ICU immediately. We thought we had lost him. This morning he woke up! He was smiling (finally!).

And grateful for the second lease of life. We felt his spirits is better this time. And after this episode, alot of his blood values are better, vitals clear and more - miraculously! We are so happy! Thank you Nicole for yr fervent prayers. You have been a pillar of strength these trying times.

- Eling Ml
"Kidneys Stones Removal"

Update about My Aunty Cheong. Her surgery of removing seeds in kidney had went on smoothly last week and she is at home now recovering very fast. Thank you so much for all prayers n blessings sent to her. Thank you 🙏

- Elaine T.
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