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Thousands have used this proven step-by-step method that anyone can use to receive Miracles for health, wealth, and relationships.

Miracle Secrets Book

By Nicole Ling

Miracle Healer with over 30 years of experience

Book Overview

Brand new book reveals the proven step-by-step guide to receiving Miracles, based on Nicole’s 30 years of experience in Miracle Healing.

Anyone can receive Miracles, regardless of their background, religion, Intelligence level…

As long as one is willing to learn!

“Learning how to receive miracles is easier than learning how to drive!”

- Nicole Ling



Book Content
  • What to do to receive Miracles
  • Myths & misinformation about Miracles
  • Fatal mistakes to avoid when receiving Miracles
  • Receiving Miracles For Health
  • ​Receiving Miracles For Wealth
  • ​Receiving Miracles For Relationships
  • ​Living a life full of Miracles starting now
  • ​Miracles stories from our students

By the end, you will know exactly what you need to do to start receiving many miracles in your life - be it for health, wealth, or relationships.

About The Author
Nicole Ling
Nicole Ling
  • Miracle Healer with over 30 years experience
  • Trained & Certified Clinical Supervisor
  • Trained & Certified Counselling Psychotherapist
  • University Lecturer for Psychology Modules
  • Corporate trainer for Fortune 100 companies
  • Winner of Global Women’s Leadership Award 2011
Nicole's Corporate Clients
Who Should Read This Book?
  • People who seek Miracles
  • People who are lost and stuck in life
  • People who seek spiritual enlightenment
  • ​People who want to be healed
  • ​People who want to transform their life

By the end, you will know exactly what you need to do to start receiving many miracles in your life - be it for health, wealth, or relationships.

Receive The Powerful Knowledge of Receiving Miracles Instantly

This is an ebook, once you make the purchase, you will get instant access to the book, and its amazing content.

Having an ebook instead of a physical book saves cost on printing, and the costs we save on printing is passed on to our readers.

Additionally, this also saves time, as the delivery is instant. No need to wait for the book’s delivery.

Miracles are fast… we want this powerful knowledge to be in your hands as fast as possible too.

Why Is The Book So Cheap?

We want this book to be affordable for as many people as possible, hence the low pricing.

That’s why this is an ebook instead of a physical book, which allows us to save costs on printing and shipping. And we pass on the savings to our readers.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This is absolutely the best book on receiving miracles. We are so sure of that, we have a simple 30-day money back guarantee.

Within 30 days, for whatever reason you do not like the book, simply contact us and we will refund you the money for the book. And you still get to keep the book.

Students' Amazing Results

Dolly's had a cyst in her kidney, now it's gone

Aini was healed from her stage 4 breast cancer

Lily Healed her diabetes & high cholesterol

"My Grandparents' health have improved dramatically"

Both my grandparents have been feeling stressed from their medical treatment and had not been able to sleep.

After their miracle sessions, both of them slept peacefully and felt less anxious. Great gratitude for the Miracle Healing. It has helped them in many ways.

- Bhumika S.
"I got back my financial health and manifested my dreams"

I am forever grateful to Nicole. I came to Nicole when I was suffering from depression and financial loss 12 years ago.

I felt so much more hopeful and uplifted I was able to get back onto my feet to restart my failing business. I got back my financial health and manifested my dreams of serving marginalized communities. 

Today, I own an NGO in India focusing on empowering underprivileged women and children in India. I want to manifest more Miracles to serve others who are less fortunate than me.

- Tapash S.
"A Miracle For Breast Cancer!"

During my routine check-up, my doctor told me that my liver panel blood test result was quite high, which would cause issues to my liver.
I was worried, so I engaged Nicole for a Miracle Coaching Session.

To my surprise, the second liver panel blood test results improved by 50%, to a healthier level.
Amazing! The numbers just dropped within 5 days. Wow! Thank you Nicole for your Miracle Healing.

- Nooraini N.
"Miracles Come More Than Once"

I want to share two great news. A miracle has happened to my very sick rescued cat Miel n she's finally free from UTI, crystals, and stones.
Another miracle occurred when my mum has suddenly encouraged me to continue my university degree and she even offered to help me financially.

In the past, she would tell me "girls do not need education". But now, she is telling me to go back to school as soon as possible to complete my education. This is such a miracle!

- Amy G.
"Fast Track To Cancer Recovery"

Doctor that my cancer had reduced from 7cm+ to 5cm and also my brain lesion has also been reduced to less than 1cm. I felt very happy. Thank you Nicole and the Holy Spirit for this miracle. No words beyond I can find to express my gratitude.

- Rajeswari K.
"Multiple Miracles Just Kept Coming"

I joined two months ago, I have a exprerienced many miracles in getting stronger and overcoming my health problems. I know there are many more to come. I am sure of that. Thank you God and Nicole for all these miracles.

- Punitha  G.
"Multiple Miracles Just Kept Coming" 

I just get promoted last year Nov and I doubt there is any possibility to get a promotion in anytime soon. BUT guess what?

Today, my Manager told me that there is an increment for me effective 1st May (and the increment % is same with my promotion % last Nov, which is the highest % of increment during my 13 years of employment in the same company!

- Coral T.
"Healing My Mom's Health Issues"

Miracle had arrived to me today. I needed financial support in order to treat my mother's health issues. God has given His Blessings to me and my mother. Thanks to Nicole Ling for her guidance.

- Christer V.
"Cancer But Feeling Well"

My dad is finishing his 4th chemo session and is doing very well. Despite two-thirds of his stomach being removed, he enjoys a very good appetite and asks to eat all sorts of things. That's a miracle! And he has the energy to enjoy playing computer games daily and singing songs with gusto!

- Mei Ling A.
"I Thought I Lost My Husband"

We have a nerve-racking moment 2 days ago. Hubby suddenly went into low blood pressure at his ward and was sent into ICU immediately. We thought we had lost him. This morning he woke up! He was smiling (finally!).

And grateful for the second lease of life. We felt his spirits is better this time. And after this episode, alot of his blood values are better, vitals clear and more - miraculously! We are so happy! Thank you Nicole for yr fervent prayers. You have been a pillar of strength these trying times.

- Eling Ml
"Kidneys Stones Removal"

Update about My Aunty Cheong. Her surgery of removing seeds in kidney had went on smoothly last week and she is at home now recovering very fast. Thank you so much for all prayers n blessings sent to her. Thank you 🙏

- Elaine T.

(Zoom in if the words are too small to read on the screenshots)

Eling's husband was in ICU, and Nicole's healing helped him in a speedy recovery

Yaniee is recovering well from her illness

Ayesha's mom was to drink water again, previously unable to do so due to Vocal Cord Palsy

Geetha's mom (Pamatal) recovered fully from stage 3 Rectal Cancer, did not need to go surgery anymore

Dolly's Cyst in her kidney is GONE!

Rajeswari's lung cancer tumor reduced from 7+ cm to 5cm, and her brain lesion was reduced to less than 1cm.

Aini is now free from cancer, recovering from her stage 3 breast cancer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone learn how to receive miracles?
Yes. Anyone can learn this simple yet powerful system to receive miracles. This is easier than learning how to drive!
Do you have an audio book?
For now, we do not have any audio book.
Do I have lifetime access to the Unlimited Miracles Program?
Yes. You will have lifetime access to all the training videos in the Unlimited Miracles Program. The training videos are currently in English, we do not have Chinese version for now.
Is this a religious book?
No. The Miracles Secrets book is not a religious book, rather it is a spiritual one. Anyone of any religion (or no religion) can join and learn how to create and receive miracles more quickly in their life.
I am a Christian / Buddhist / Muslim (in a religion), can I still read and learn this?
Absolutely. Everyone and anyone is welcomed to learn Miracle Healing. This is a spiritual learning journey, not a religious one. In fact, there is nothing we teach that conflicts with any particular religion.
How can I make payment?
You can pay via credit card or debit card directly on our website, if you have any issues, please contact @
I do not have US dollars. Can I pay in my currency?
When you use your debit card or credit card, your bank will automatically convert the USD to your currency. You do not need to have USD in your card/bank account.
Have Questions?
If you have any questions, please contact us via Email at or via Telegram at @MiracleTribeSupport.

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