For anyone who is suffering from any serious health problems

Discover How To Heal Yourself Fully Even if You're A Complete Newbie In Healing

Using a simple & proven system that hundreds of my students have learnt to heal their body fully to optimal health.

What Is The Unlimited Miracles Program?

Unlimited Miracles Program is an online course created by Nicole Ling, to teach ordinary people how to heal themselves fully, and recover from any sickness or disease, even if they are complete newbie in healing.

This is a 14-hour step-by-step online course that even people with no experience can heal how to heal themselves.

You get instant access right away once you join the program.

Usual Price: 499 USD

60% Discount


Only 194 USD Today

  • Extra 6 Bonuses For you
  • ​Instant Access Once You Join
  • ​Start learning Miracle Healing Today
Extra Bonuses When You Sign Up

Bonus #1 - Lifetime Course Update

As we continue to refine and update the program, you will get all the new and updated training videos for absolutely free.

Bonus #2 - Divine Sleep Mastery

Sleep is one of the most important things that affect our peace and ability to create and receive miracles. Master having divine & sleep with this bonus.

Bonus #3 - Life Purpose Mastery

Many people quite lost because they don't know their purpose in life. This bonus will give you a better clarity and path moving forward

Bonus #4 - Secret Miracle Tool

You will have the opportunity to gain access to a powerful miracle creation tool was only made available to our students. Now you can have it too.

Bonus #5 - Prayer Scripts

Simple & powerful prayer scripts that will help you to create and receive miracles more quickly. Created by Nicole herself.

Bonus #6 - Private Telegram Group

Access to our private group for continuous learning with Nicole and other students in the program.
Who Should Join & Learn?

Having Health Issues

We have many students who are suffering health issues, and this program has helped them to improve their and recover more quickly and easily.

Healers From Other Disciplines

If you're interested in Healing and are learning other school of healings, this is definitely a healing program you want to learn about.

Mental Health Issues

Depression, Stresses, Emotional wounds, or Past Traumas, I believe this program can help you speed up your recovery.

Relationships Issues

Be past destroyed relationships or current toxic relationships, this program can help heal you, to let go and recover.

Grieving Over Death Of A Loved one

It's not easy to heal and recover when a loved one passes away. Seek the Universe to release and take away your pain.

Seek Spiritual Enlightenment

Being able to connect with the Universe allows you to have inspirations and lead a life with more meanings.

Unlimited Miracles Program
+6 Awesome Bonuses

Usual Price: 499 USD

60% Discount


Only 194 USD Today

What Our Students Think Of The Program...

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have lifetime access to the Unlimited Miracles Program?
Yes. You will have lifetime access to all the training videos in the Unlimited Miracles Program. The training videos are currently in English, we do not have Chinese version for now.
Is this a religious program?
No. The Unlimited Miracles Program is NOT a religious program, rather it is a spiritual one. Anyone of any religion (or no religion) can join and learn how to create and receive miracles more quickly in their life.
Can I heal others after learning this program?
This course focuses on Miracle Healing. The best way to to learn it is to use the techniques for yourself to see the results. Once you understand how Miracle Healing works, you can proceed to help others. When you become our student, we will also teach you how to use our Healing Portal which you can use to heal others.

It is a simple and straightforward method of healing yourself and others, but you must follow the steps and principles covered in the course. Our students are able to help others by following our simple format. We are sure you can do it too.
I am a Christian / Buddhist / Muslim (in a religion), can I still join this?
Absolutely. Anyone is welcomed to join. This is a spiritual learning community, not a religious one. In fact, there is nothing we teach that conflicts with any particular religion.
What is Nicole's Source of Healing Power?
As mentioned in the training video above, Nicole's Spiritual guide is The Holy Spirit, and her source of healing power is from him. She is the medium and healer for the students. The Holy Spirit accepts you regardless of your (race, religion, age, gender whatsoever.)
How can I make payment?
You can pay via credit card or debit card directly on our website, if you like to make a bank transfer or pay with PayPal, please contact us using the chat button on the bottom right side of the screen, or...

I do not have US dollars. Can I pay in my currency?
When you use your debit card or credit card, your bank will automatically convert the USD to your currency. You do not need to have USD in your card/bank account.

About Nicole Ling

Nicole Ling
Miracle Coach &
Spiritual Healer
  • Nicole is our Master Healer who has been doing Miracle Manifestation and Healing Work for 25 years
  • A trained and certified Counselling Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor
  • Was a Psychology Lecturer who taught Psychology Modules to University students
  • Recipient of Global Women’s Leadership Award 2011
Companies Nicole Has Worked With
Unlimited Miracles Program
+8 Awesome Bonuses

Usual Price: 499 USD

60% Discount


Only 194 USD Today

Have Questions?
If you have any questions, please contact us via Email at or via Telegram at @MiracleTribeSupport.

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